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The Wincott Foundation was set up in 1969 in honour of Harold Wincott, the most distinguished economic journalist of his day in the UK. The current chairman is Sir Richard Lambert, former editor of the Financial Times. Sir Richard is supported by a group of trustees who have a background in business, journalism and academia.

50th Anniversary of The Wincott Foundation

Commemorative Debate - "Should liberal capitalism be saved?"

On November 14, 2019, The Wincott Foundation hosted an evening debate at the Financial Times to celebrate its 50th Anniversary. This special event took the place this year of the annual Harold Wincott Memorial Lecture.

Harold Wincott argued persuasively in his writings for the virtues of liberal capitalism at a time when many policy-makers and economists looked to government intervention as the principal means of solving Britain's economic problems.

With the idea of liberal capitalism again under attack, The Wincott Foundation invited Martin Wolf, chief economics commentator of the FT, and Yanis Varoufakis, former Greek finance minister, to debate the question 'Should liberal capitalism be saved?' They had a fascinating and lively exchange, moderated by Merryn Somerset Webb, editor-in-chief of Moneyweek and FT columnist.

The anniversary was also commemorated with the publication of an essay on Harold Wincott and his influence, written by former FT editor, Sir Geoffrey Owen. Entitled 'Harold Wincott: financial journalist and defender of liberal capitalism', it traces Wincott's career, explores his many contributions to politics, economic thinking and financial journalism, and describes the work of the Foundation. The text of the essay is available on this site. You can download it in pdf format by clicking on this link.

The event was attended by leading financial journalists, economists, business people and regulators, including both the outgoing editor of the FT, Lionel Barber, and his successor, Roula Khalaf.

To read or download the opening statements of Martin Wolf and Yaris Varoufakis, the essay of Sir Geoffrey Owen, and for an audio transcript of the debate, please go here.

Wincott Grants

Fellowship and scholarship grants in 2019

The Wincott Fellow at the Reuters Institute for the Study of Journalism for the autumn term at the University of Oxford is Adesola Akindele-Afolabi, a financial journalist with Business A.M. in Nigeria.

Adesola's main duties include covering capital and money markets and the insurance sector. She is also the Online Editor of Business A.M. In aiming to become a leading financial reporter, she hopes to improve public understanding of the business and financial sectors. She has a bachelor's degree in Economics from Caleb University, Nigeria, and a master's in Economics and Development Studies from Covenant University, Nigeria.

Her research topic for her three-month fellowship is: "The effect of financial journalism on the Nigerian business landscape: a focus on banking and financial institutions."

The Wincott Scholar at The School of Journalism, Media and Culture at Cardiff University is Bruno Dubrulle, a reporter covering European stock markets for Reuters

Bruno's Wincott Foundation Scholarship will support his studies for an MSc in Computational and Data Journalism

Bruno, who has a master's degree in law from Ghent University, joined Reuters in 2018 and has been reporting news from the French and Benelux stock markets. He sees the potential for combining data analysis with journalism to provide original perspectives on business and finance. "The ongoing surge of technological development should serve to complement both financial expertise and insightful news, as opposed to replacing it," he says.

For further information on Wincott grants, and on previous fellows and scholars, please click here..


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