2017 Lecture: Central Banks after the Great Recession

by Emily B
From left: Dame Frances Cairncross, Rt Hon Ed Balls, Professor Sir Charles Bean.

The 2017 Harold Wincott Annual Memorial Lecture, entitled “Central Banks after the Great Recession”, was given on Tuesday, 28 November, 2017 at Chatham House by Sir Charles Bean, Professor of Economics at the London School of Economics. Professor Bean’s lecture was followed by a response from the Rt Hon Ed Balls, former shadow chancellor of the exchequer.

The line between monetary and fiscal policies has become more blurred. And persistently low interest rates and the asset-price effects of QE have focussed attention on the distributional consequences of monetary policy.

Professor Sir Charles Bean

To view the full text of Professor Bean’s lecture, click here. To view the lectures slides, click here.

The concentration of power in the Bank [of England] and the personalised nature of aspects of the role makes the job harder and the risk of conflict with the Government greater than necessary.

Rt Hon Ed Balls

To view or download a full text of The Rt Hon Ed Balls’ response to the lecture, click here.

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