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The Wincott Foundation was set up in 1969 in honour of Harold Wincott, the most distinguished economic journalist of his day in the UK. The current chairman is Sir Geoffrey Owen, former editor of the Financial Times. Sir Geoffrey is supported by a group of trustees who have a background in business, journalism and academia.

News from Wincott fellows and scholars

Keisha Gitari, Wincott scholar at University of Cardiff, 2014-15

16 August, 2018 - "I joined the BBC last month as a Broadcast Journalist and will be relocating to Lagos (Nigeria) to take up the role."

Angelina Davydova (Russia), Wincott fellow at the Reuters Institute, Oxford, 2006

5 September, 2018 - "For the next 10 months I am based at UC Davis (California) as a Humphrey Fellow, learning more about environmental governance and policy and environmental/climate communication."

Stefan Antonov (Bulgaria), Wincott fellow at the Reuters Institute, Oxford, 2013

5 November, 2018 - "Currently I am an editor at a weekly magazine called Economist. It is a private venture of Bulgarian businessmen but is partnering with The Economist. A small part of our content is translated from the British magazine while the rest is our genuine content.

My main responsibilities are the coverage of the banking sector and the fiscal policy of the government. It is very hectic over the past months and such it will be the whole 2019, since the Cabinet made a very risky choice for Bulgaria to enter the Eurozone. While we have no clear prospective, the state is now committed to cede its banking supervision partly to the ECB. It hides many implications and I am among the few colleagues who speak about them.

My boss asked me to propose a concept for online expansion of the magazine and run the project. I made the concept and it was approved by our publishers.

Oh, and I am close to the completion of a master's degree in applied econometrics and economic modelling here at Sofia University. "

Hannah George, Wincott scholar at University of Cardiff, 2016-17

9 September, 2018 - "I interned at Bloomberg News and was subsequently accepted in a role as a rotator on different desks. As a fledgling business reporter, I have covered a range of areas including UK economics, corporate finance and law. Since May 2018, I've settled into a permanent position at Bloomberg News in London as a reporter on the Daybreak team, focusing on essential market-moving stories and geopolitics. I also write, produce and host a daily business podcast and present on Bloomberg Radio."

Doreen Wainainah (Kenya), Wincott fellow at the Reuters Institute, Oxford, 2017

6 September, 2018 - "With an academic grounding in banking and finance, I have gained on-the-ground experience at the Nation Media Group as a business journalist. I have a preference for features, especially those on human interest and lifestyle, and news stories, especially on policy and new innovation. I am driven by the need to develop and grow quality of journalism in the country and tell stories that are usually overlooked and can be carried on the different platforms available."

Catherine Snowdon, Wincott scholar at University of Cardiff, 2012-13

6 September, 2018 - "I am working as a business producer for the Today programme on BBC radio 4. This really is my dream job. To work on an agenda setting programme was always the aim and one I never would have achieved without the support of the Wincott Foundation. I will be eternally grateful. My job is full on and fast paced, which is in equal parts exciting and exhausting. I wouldn't have it any other way!

I was the producer for one of the segments that formed Dominic O'Connell's submission for a Wincott award last year and actually cut the audio for the judges to listen to. It feels a bit like coming full circle that he went on to win."

Laban Cliff Onserio (Kenya), Wincott Fellow at the Reuters Institute, Oxford, 2016

5 November, 2018 - "I conducted my research on new media trends and how the Nation Media Group can adapt to them. This inspired me to start Top In Business (show, podcasts, live and short Videos) in keeping with new market trends. Five years on, the TIB has become a benchmark in the Group's newsroom convergence efforts. I'm currently working as a Deputy Director of Communications in the President's Delivery Unit. Thank you Wincott Foundation for catapulting my career thus far"


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