Annual lectures of the Wincott Foundation

by Tony Major

The purpose of the annual lecture is to contribute to the public debate about contemporary issues in economics, business and finance. The lecturer is normally either a distinguished academic or a policy maker, and the speakers are chosen on the basis of their ability to illuminate some large and important topic which has wide relevance for policy makers, academics, and business people. Topics that have been discussed in recent years include the independence of central banks, trade policy in the European Union, the future of the Indian economy, the impact of corporate social responsibility on the management of companies, imbalances in the world economic system, and post-Communist reform.

The lecture is followed by a contribution from a discussant – usually an expert in the field but one with different views from that of the speaker. There is then a full debate in which members of the audience are invited to participate.

50th anniversary of The Wincott Foundation

In 2019, the foundation, with the support of the Financial Times, hosted a debate to commemorate the 50th anniversary of Harold Wincott’s death and the formation of the foundation. For full reports of the debate, which took the place of the annual lecture, please go here.

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