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The Wincott Foundation was set up in 1969 in honour of Harold Wincott, the most distinguished economic journalist of his day in the UK. The current chairman is Sir Geoffrey Owen, former editor of the Financial Times. Sir Geoffrey is supported by a group of trustees who have a background in business, journalism and academia.


The winners were:

Wincott Financial Journalist of the year
The judges said:
Zanny combines the classic Economist virtues of sharp contrariness with a level of ambition which marks out her best work. The articles we admired include an authoritative survey of the world economy, a message to the Bundesbank, and a thoughtful piece on how to save the Spanish economy. Her exploration of the theme of global levels of inequality was a first class piece of analytical reporting; her pursuit of the idea of "true progressivism" an enterprising foray into political and moral philosophy."
Zanny Minton Beddoes, The Economist
Zanny Minton Beddoes of The Economist receives her award from Elizabeth Wincott-Heckett and Sir Geoffrey Owen, chairman of the judging panel.
Wincott Personal Finance Journalist of the Year
The judges said:
"Moira's diligent and painstaking analysis and ranking of unit trusts is the kind of heavy lifting we expect from the Investors Chronicle, and she combines this with readable and accessible copy across her subject. Her articles are valuable both for professional and non-professional investors - a model for what personal financial journalism should be aiming at."
Moira O'Neill, Investors Chronicle
Moira O'Neill of Investors Chronicle, receives her award from Elizabeth Wincott-Heckett and Sir Geoffrey Owen
Wincott Young Financial Journalist of the Year
The judges said:
"Alexandra covered a variety of topics including the economics of the newspaper industry and the future of News Corporation as well as the financial services sector. Her articles combined sharp insight and clear explanation of the worlds of private equity and hedge funds, with an engaging touch of humour in her parody of the business through the activities of a fictitious fund called Zilch."
Alexandra Suich, The Economist
Alexandra Suich of The Economist receives her award from Elizabeth Wincott-Heckett and Sir Geoffrey Owen
Wincott Broadcast Team of the Year
The judges said:
"The programme combined perfectly the personal story behind the company's creation and the key elements of its business model in terms which were comprehensible to the general lay audience. It had superb access to key figures in the story, both in terms of interview and contextual actuality. It succeeded in balancing this well informed insider account of one of the biggest business stories of the year with more critical perspectives."
'Inside Facebook', BBC Money Programme
Emily Maitlis, presenter, and Charles Miller, director

Wincott Nations and Regions Financial Journalist of the Year
The judges said:
Her excellent coverage of the Cambridge high-technology cluster included an engaging interview with Greg Winter, one of the great figures in UK biotechnology, and Mike Lynch of Autonomy. By providing good insights into the links between the university and industry, she was able to highlight the great contribution which Cambridge is making to the growth of knowledge-based industries in the UK."
Jenny Chapman, Cambridge News
Jenny Chapman and Sir Geoffrey Owen

Wincott Lifetime Achievement Award
In his citation, Sir Geoffrey Owen said:
"What is remarkable about his journalism is his unfailing ability, over a period of more than fifty years, to illuminate economic issues in a way that is refreshing, insightful and often unexpected."

To read the full citation, click here.
Sir Samuel Brittan
Sir Samuel Brittan receiving the award from Mrs Elizabeth Wincott-Heckett and Sir Geoffrey Owen


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