Chairman’s tribute to Sir Geoffrey Owen, a standard bearer for the Foundation

by damian

1 December, 2020 – “On behalf of the trustees, I would like to express our profound gratitude to Sir Geoffrey Owen who is stepping down as a trustee after 30 years’ service.

“Throughout his distinguished tenure, Geoff, editor of the Financial Times (1981-1990), has been a standard bearer for the foundation, unwavering in his championing of quality business and financial journalism, embodied by Harold Wincott himself. As an FT journalist, Geoff knew Wincott personally and succeeded Lord (Ralph) Harris of High Cross as Wincott chairman in 1998.

“As chairman for nearly 20 years until 2016, Geoff did much to ensure that Wincottian journalistic values – fair and accurate reporting and clear analysis of complex financial and economic issues – continued to flourish. He attracted many distinguished speakers for the annual Wincott lectures and expanded the annual Wincott financial journalism awards to include awards for audio and video journalism. Under his leadership, the foundation sponsored fellowships for more than 30 aspiring financial journalists from Russia and Eastern Europe.

“On a personal note, I am grateful to Geoff for his guidance when I served as a foreign correspondent and later FT editor, and latterly, for his support and encouragement as the new Wincott chair.”

Lionel Barber

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