2014 Lecture: Africa – New Opportunities, New Impediments

by Emily B
Professor Collier (left) and Richard Dowden (right).

The 2014 Harold Wincott Annual Memorial Lecture, entitled “Africa: New Opportunities, Old Impediments”, was given on Wednesday, 8 October 2014 by Professor Sir Paul Collier, Professor of Economics and Public Policy at the Blavatnik School of Government and Co-Director of the Centre for the Study of African Economies at the University of Oxford. Professor Collier’s lecture was followed by comments from Richard Dowden, Director of The Royal African Society.

The West’s mistake has been to focus on how power is acquired, rather than on how it is used.

Professor Sir Collier

For a full text of Professor Collier’s lecture, click here.

The good news is that that there is a trend towards devolution and localisation throughout Africa which should weaken central control and bring resources closer to the people.

Richard Dowden

For a full text of Richard Dowden’s response to the lecture, click here.

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