2018 Lecture: Can Multilateralism Survive?

by Emily B
Professor Jean Pisani-Ferry (right) and Bronwen Maddox (left).

The 2018 Harold Wincott Annual Memorial Lecture, entitled “Can Multilateralism Survive?”, was given on Tuesday, 6 November, 2018 at Chatham House by Prof Jean Pisani-Ferry, Tommaso Padoa-Schioppa Professor at the European University Institute in Florence.

Professor Pisani-Ferry’s lecture was followed by a response from Bronwen Maddox, Director of the Institute for Government.

International institutions should not be regarded as sectoral empires for technocrats, but as poles of expertise able to devise solutions, support initiatives and provide monitoring.

Professor Jean Pisani-Ferry

To view the full text of Professor Pisani-Ferry’s lecture, click here.

Jean is right not to give in to nostalgia. In terms of trying to organise this new world, he is right too that smaller deals will increasingly take the place of the big ones. As we edge forward in a multipolar world, that is what we should encourage.

Bronwen Maddox.

To view or download a full text of Bronwen Maddox’s response to the lecture, click here.

To listen to an audio recording of the entire event, click here.

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