Annual Wincott Awards: detail of how to apply and what the judges are looking for here

by damian
2019 awards lunch at Mansion House

The purpose of the Wincott Foundation’s annual awards is to recognise outstanding achievement in the field of business, economic and financial journalism. While the inspiration for the awards comes from the columns written by Harold Wincott in the 1950s and 1960s, the scheme is designed to cover a wide range of styles and formats, from analytical features on economic issues to reporting on companies and industries. As far as individual journalists are concerned, reporters as well as commentators can qualify for the awards, which are for: Journalist of the Year; Personal Finance Journalist of the Year; Young Financial Journalist of the Year; UK Nations and Regions  Journalist of the Year; Audio Journalism of the Year; Video Journalism of the Year. To read about the winners of the awards for journalism in 2019, click here.

The criteria that the Foundation’s judges take into account are clarity, depth of understanding, objectivity and, above all, the ability to communicate complex topics in a way that is intelligible to the lay person but also authoritative, so that both experts and non-experts can learn from it.

Wincott Lifetime Achievement Awards

Occasionally, an award is made for lifetime achievement in business, economic and financial journalism. Previous recipients are:

2013 – Sir Samuel Brittan (click here for details)

2016 – Sir Geoffrey Owen (click here for details)

2018 – Michael Robinson (click here for details)

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