Wincott aims to reach ‘out to all generations of journalists and the nations and regions of UK’ as 2021 awards open for entries

by Tony Major

The Wincott Awards, which recognise outstanding achievement in the fields of business, economic and financial journalism, are now open for 2021 submissions.

Last year saw a record 156 entries, all of a generally excellent standard.  This year – and what a year it has been for news!  – we want to do even better.

In seeking entries Wincott reaches out to all the nations and regions of the UK, appeals to all generations of journalists and encourages all genres of journalism. 

We are looking for the “X factor” – reporting which combines all the skills of journalism – to illuminate the workings of business, finance and economics.

Lionel Barber, Wincott chairman, said: “The Wincott judges will be looking to recognise outstanding, original examples of UK business journalism in print, online, radio, TV and video. We want to hear from all corners of the UK.”

Candidates for the awards set out below will have plenty of material to choose from in a year marked by the enduring pandemic, labour market shortages, a resurgence in inflation, the COP climate summit, and an abundance of cheap money leading to a burst of cross-border deal-making. 

In the meantime, the digital revolution continues to turbo-charge change in the economy.

Wincott will again award a Data Journalism of the Year prize for the journalism that shows a clear ability – in its chosen format – to tell a compelling and complex story using a range of data analysis and visualisation tools.

In all categories Wincott’s judges will put a premium on deep, original reporting and depth of understanding. No matter how complex the subject, it should be presented in a way that is intelligible to the lay person while remaining authoritative.

All the details of how to apply here

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